Haggis Time

It’s that time of year again.  Our thoughts turn to trees, lights, snow……NO IT ISN’T !   It’s Haggis Time.  That’s right with the flip of the calendar our thoughts turn to haggis as we celebrate one of the most famous sons of Scotland, Robbie Burns.  we have everything you need to celebrate.  Haggis in a tin, ceremonial haggis, in large serving trays and even haggis crisps.  There are also a number of decorative items that can be used.  If you’re having a larger event please contact us directly and we would be happy to help to pick out your haggis needs.


Yes, it’s true….it’s Easter time again. We have a full line of your favorite Easter goodies. From small eggs to large eggs and everything in between. And the names you know and love, Galaxy, Thorntons, Nestle, Maltesers, and Cadbury. And don’t forget the very best original Cadbury Creme Egg !

Robbie Burns

The calendar has turned, January is here and with it comes the opportunity to celebrate Scottish history.  That’s right..it’s Robbie Burns time again.


We have everything you need to celebrate the event.  Of course haggis…6 pound trays for the large celebrations to a variety of sizes of ceremonial haggis.  We also have Robbie Burns mugs, tea towels and napkins.  And all your other Scottish celebration needs from flags to pins to pens and sweets.

What people are saying….

What are people saying…

Christmas is but a faint memory. It was a busy Christmas season for us but it was wonderful to share the experience with all of our friends ! We saw many of our regulars and a few new faces. All had very nice things to say. Here are a few….

Rob G. wrote…Best British store in London. Loads of all the best food stuffs, particularly the sweets and jams. A good collection of memorabilia from around the British isles for gift ideas or for yourself, if your like me. The prices are reasonable and the staff are knowledgeable and helpful.

Caitlin F. commented…Love this place. Staff is very friendly. Yummy!

Ken B. suggested…Great variety and wonderful staff

Paul H. wrote…Best selection of british goods in Ontario.

Thank you to all who gave us fabulous reviews. We look forward to serving you in 2019. Happy New Year !!!